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Slowing Replication in Preparation for Reduction
Chromosome Pairing: A Hidden Treasure No More


Scientist Citizen: An Interview with Bruce Alberts

Research Article

Loss of Imprinting Differentially Affects REM/NREM Sleep and Cognition in Mice
Six Novel Susceptibility Loci for Early-Onset Androgenetic Alopecia and Their Unexpected Association with Common Diseases
Regulation by the Noncoding RNA
UDP-Galactose 4′-Epimerase Activities toward UDP-Gal and UDP-GalNAc Play Different Roles in the Development of
Deletion of PTH Rescues Skeletal Abnormalities and High Osteopontin Levels in Mice
Karyotypic Determinants of Chromosome Instability in Aneuploid Budding Yeast
Genome-Wide Copy Number Analysis Uncovers a New HSCR Gene:
MicroRNA-277 Modulates the Neurodegeneration Caused by Fragile X Premutation rCGG Repeats
Functional Centromeres Determine the Activation Time of Pericentric Origins of DNA Replication in
Dynamic Deposition of Histone Variant H3.3 Accompanies Developmental Remodeling of the Transcriptome
YY1 Regulates Melanocyte Development and Function by Cooperating with MITF
Congenital Heart Disease–Causing Gata4 Mutation Displays Functional Deficits
Recombination Drives Vertebrate Genome Contraction
KATNAL1 Regulation of Sertoli Cell Microtubule Dynamics Is Essential for Spermiogenesis and Male Fertility
Re-Patterning Sleep Architecture in through Gustatory Perception and Nutritional Quality
Using Whole-Genome Sequence Data to Predict Quantitative Trait Phenotypes in
Genome-Wide Analysis of GLD-1–Mediated mRNA Regulation Suggests a Role in mRNA Storage
Meiotic Chromosome Pairing Is Promoted by Telomere-Led Chromosome Movements Independent of Bouquet Formation
LINT, a Novel dL(3)mbt-Containing Complex, Represses Malignant Brain Tumour Signature Genes
The H3K27 Demethylase UTX-1 Is Essential for Normal Development, Independent of Its Enzymatic Activity
Suppresses Senescence Programs and Thereby Accelerates and Maintains Mutant -Induced Lung Tumorigenesis
Genome-Wide Association of Pericardial Fat Identifies a Unique Locus for Ectopic Fat
An Essential Role for Katanin p80 and Microtubule Severing in Male Gamete Production
Identification of Genes That Promote or Antagonize Somatic Homolog Pairing Using a High-Throughput FISH–Based Screen
Principles of Carbon Catabolite Repression in the Rice Blast Fungus: Tps1, Nmr1-3, and a MATE–Family Pump Regulate Glucose Metabolism during Infection
Integrin α PAT-2/CDC-42 Signaling Is Required for Muscle-Mediated Clearance of Apoptotic Cells in
Histone H3 Localizes to the Centromeric DNA in Budding Yeast
Collapse of Telomere Homeostasis in Hematopoietic Cells Caused by Heterozygous Mutations in Telomerase Genes
Hypersensitive to Red and Blue 1 and Its Modification by Protein Phosphatase 7 Are Implicated in the Control of Arabidopsis Stomatal Aperture
Extent, Causes, and Consequences of Small RNA Expression Variation in Human Adipose Tissue
TBC-8, a Putative RAB-2 GAP, Regulates Dense Core Vesicle Maturation in
Regulating Repression: Roles for the Sir4 N-Terminus in Linker DNA Protection and Stabilization of Epigenetic States
Common Genetic Determinants of Intraocular Pressure and Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma
Prdm5 Regulates Collagen Gene Transcription by Association with RNA Polymerase II in Developing Bone
Fitness Landscape Transformation through a Single Amino Acid Change in the Rho Terminator
Repeated, Selection-Driven Genome Reduction of Accessory Genes in Experimental Populations
Allelic Variation and Differential Expression of the mSIN3A Histone Deacetylase Complex Gene Promote Mammary Tumor Growth and Metastasis
DNA Demethylation and USF Regulate the Meiosis-Specific Expression of the Mouse
Knowledge-Driven Analysis Identifies a Gene–Gene Interaction Affecting High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Levels in Multi-Ethnic Populations
A Duplication CNV That Conveys Traits Reciprocal to Metabolic Syndrome and Protects against Diet-Induced Obesity in Mice and Men
EMT Inducers Catalyze Malignant Transformation of Mammary Epithelial Cells and Drive Tumorigenesis towards Claudin-Low Tumors in Transgenic Mice
Inactivation of a Novel FGF23 Regulator, FAM20C, Leads to Hypophosphatemic Rickets in Mice
Genome-Wide Association for Abdominal Subcutaneous and Visceral Adipose Reveals a Novel Locus for Visceral Fat in Women
Stratifying Type 2 Diabetes Cases by BMI Identifies Genetic Risk Variants in and Enrichment for Risk Variants in Lean Compared to Obese Cases
New Insight into the History of Domesticated Apple: Secondary Contribution of the European Wild Apple to the Genome of Cultivated Varieties
Activated Cdc42 Kinase Has an Anti-Apoptotic Function
The Region Is Critical for Birth Defects and Electrocardiographic Dysfunctions Observed in a Down Syndrome Mouse Model
COP9 Signalosome Integrity Plays Major Roles for Hyphal Growth, Conidial Development, and Circadian Function
Bmps and Id2a Act Upstream of Twist1 To Restrict Ectomesenchyme Potential of the Cranial Neural Crest
Psip1/Ledgf p52 Binds Methylated Histone H3K36 and Splicing Factors and Contributes to the Regulation of Alternative Splicing
The Number of X Chromosomes Causes Sex Differences in Adiposity in Mice
Target Gene Analysis by Microarrays and Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Identifies HEY Proteins as Highly Redundant bHLH Repressors
Acquisition Order of Ras and p53 Gene Alterations Defines Distinct Adrenocortical Tumor Phenotypes
ELK1 Uses Different DNA Binding Modes to Regulate Functionally Distinct Classes of Target Genes
Histone H1 Depletion Impairs Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation
IDN2 and Its Paralogs Form a Complex Required for RNA–Directed DNA Methylation
Separation of DNA Replication from the Assembly of Break-Competent Meiotic Chromosomes
Genomic Hypomethylation in the Human Germline Associates with Selective Structural Mutability in the Human Genome

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