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Temporal Trends in Results Availability from Genome-Wide Association Studies

Research Article

Association of eGFR-Related Loci Identified by GWAS with Incident CKD and ESRD
Genetic Variants at Chromosomes 2q35, 5p12, 6q25.1, 10q26.13, and 16q12.1 Influence the Risk of Breast Cancer in Men
Large-Scale Gene-Centric Analysis Identifies Novel Variants for Coronary Artery Disease
Genetic Association for Renal Traits among Participants of African Ancestry Reveals New Loci for Renal Function
Transcriptome Kinetics Is Governed by a Genome-Wide Coupling of mRNA Production and Degradation: A Role for RNA Pol II
Conserved Regulation of p53 Network Dosage by MicroRNA–125b Occurs through Evolving miRNA–Target Gene Pairs
Heterozygous Mutations of Are Associated with an Increased Risk of Isolated Metopic Craniosynostosis in Humans and Mice
Study of FoxA Pioneer Factor at Silent Genes Reveals Rfx-Repressed Enhancer at and a Potential Indicator of Esophageal Adenocarcinoma Development
Cholesterol Metabolism Is Required for Intracellular Hedgehog Signal Transduction
Produces a Long Noncoding RNA and Has General Functions in the Germline, Stem Cells, and Brain
Age-Dependent Recombination Rates in Human Pedigrees
Sequence Conservation and Functional Constraint on Intergenic Spacers in Reduced Genomes of the Obligate Symbiont
Sex Chromosome Mosaicism and Hybrid Speciation among Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies
A Negative Feedback Loop That Limits the Ectopic Activation of a Cell Type–Specific Sporulation Sigma Factor of
Phased Whole-Genome Genetic Risk in a Family Quartet Using a Major Allele Reference Sequence
Mutations in or near the Transmembrane Domain Alter PMEL Amyloid Formation from Functional to Pathogenic
Inactivation of Alters Melanosome Shape But Has Only a Subtle Effect on Visible Pigmentation
Novel Interactions between Actin and the Proteasome Revealed by Complex Haploinsufficiency
Germline Genetic Variants Disturbing the /LIN28 Double-Negative Feedback Loop Alter Breast Cancer Susceptibility
Separation of Recombination and SOS Response in RecA Suggests LexA Interaction Sites
Inference of Relationships in Population Data Using Identity-by-Descent and Identity-by-State
Misregulation of Scm3p/HJURP Causes Chromosome Instability in and Human Cells
A Noncoding Point Mutation of Causes Multiple Developmental Malformations and Obesity in Twirler Mice
The Evolutionarily Conserved Longevity Determinants HCF-1 and SIR-2.1/SIRT1 Collaborate to Regulate DAF-16/FOXO
A Genome-Wide Metabolic QTL Analysis in Europeans Implicates Two Loci Shaped by Recent Positive Selection
Bacterial Communities of Diverse Species: Ecological Context of a Host–Microbe Model System
A Genome-Wide Meta-Analysis of Six Type 1 Diabetes Cohorts Identifies Multiple Associated Loci
Elongator Complex Influences Telomeric Gene Silencing and DNA Damage Response by Its Role in Wobble Uridine tRNA Modification
Elevated Proteasome Capacity Extends Replicative Lifespan in
Genome-Wide Analysis of Heteroduplex DNA in Mismatch Repair–Deficient Yeast Cells Reveals Novel Properties of Meiotic Recombination Pathways
MicroRNA Predictors of Longevity in
An Iterative Genetic and Dynamical Modelling Approach Identifies Novel Features of the Gene Regulatory Network Underlying Melanocyte Development
Atypical AT Skew in Firmicute Genomes Results from Selection and Not from Mutation
Retrotransposon-Induced Heterochromatin Spreading in the Mouse Revealed by Insertional Polymorphisms
Genomic Analysis of QTLs and Genes Altering Natural Variation in Stochastic Noise
The Abnormal Phenotypes of Cartilage and Bone in Calcium-Sensing Receptor Deficient Mice Are Dependent on the Actions of Calcium, Phosphorus, and PTH
Cell Type–Specific Transcriptome Analysis Reveals a Major Role for and miR-200b in Mouse Inner Ear Morphogenesis
Essential Roles of BCCIP in Mouse Embryonic Development and Structural Stability of Chromosomes
IAP1-Mediated Ubiquitylation Controls Activation of the Initiator Caspase DRONC Independent of Protein Degradation
VANG-1 and PRKL-1 Cooperate to Negatively Regulate Neurite Formation in
The Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Alk Controls Neurofibromin Functions in Drosophila Growth and Learning
Comparative and Functional Genomics of PD630 for Biofuels Development
Identification of Type 1 Diabetes–Associated DNA Methylation Variable Positions That Precede Disease Diagnosis
PCNA Ubiquitination Is Important, But Not Essential for Translesion DNA Synthesis in Mammalian Cells
Genetic Effects at Pleiotropic Loci Are Context-Dependent with Consequences for the Maintenance of Genetic Variation in Populations
Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies Four Loci Associated with Eruption of Permanent Teeth
Bmp and Nodal Independently Regulate Expression to Maintain Unilateral Nodal Activity during Left-Right Axis Specification in Zebrafish
Inter-Allelic Prion Propagation Reveals Conformational Relationships among a Multitude of [] Strains
Emergence and Modular Evolution of a Novel Motility Machinery in Bacteria
Histone Methyltransferase MET-2 Shields the Male X Chromosome from Checkpoint Machinery and Mediates Meiotic Sex Chromosome Inactivation

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